Hamas-Israel truce agreement extended Hamas-Israel truce agreement extended

Energy Minister Israel Kantz said the decision is in line with Israel's policy of imposing a strict embargo on Hamas-held territory.

"The decision to open the waters in the southern Gaza Strip, agreed between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden, will result in the pushing of the civilian population to the south of the Gaza Strip and will make it possible to tighten the general siege on Gaza in the areas of electricity, water and fuel, and will make it easier for the IDF (Israeli Defense Ministry) to operate and destroy the Nazi Hamas infrastructure," Kantz wrote in a statement on social media.

Israel imposed a total blockade on the Gaza Strip and cut off electricity and water supplies after Hamas militants attacked the territory on October 7.

The United Nations, humanitarian and human rights groups, and many countries warned Israel that the water and electricity cuts were causing a "humanitarian crisis" and endangering civilian lives.

The Israeli government, which said it would "wipe Hamas off the face of the earth", ordered Gazans to evacuate the northern part of the territory and move south to avoid civilian casualties as it prepared for a ground offensive.