State fire officials announced an emergency response after three explosions and tremors were felt on New York City's Roosevelt Island in the early morning hours, the Daily Mail reported.

Crews were called to the 580 block of Main Street south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge and Streetcar just before 6 a.m. after receiving reports of explosions and building shaking, law enforcement officials told MailOnline.

Roosevelt Island residents reported waking up to explosions and tremors at least three times this morning, with the third vibration 'felt farther away'.

On the other hand, the New York Post reported that a car loaded with explosives and driven by a psychologically disturbed driver killed 2 people.

Hours before the New Year, a couple were killed and several others injured when a man driving a vehicle packed with explosives plowed into a crowd leaving a rock concert in upstate New York, police said.

Law enforcement sources initially said the crash was being investigated as possible domestic terrorism, but on Tuesday said no terror links were found.

The explosion occurred at 12:50 p.m. outside the Kodak Center in Rochester, where about 1,000 people were streaming into the venue after a New Year's Eve show by the rock band Moe.