An elderly woman in England first took a baby hedgehog she found on the side of the road to a safe area.

After caring for it for a few hours, she suspected it was sick when she saw that the hedgehog did not move during the night, despite giving it cat food.

1-179The next day she brought the fluffy accessory to Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital in Cheshire.

As he anxiously awaited bad news from the vet, he got an unexpected answer.

What she found was not a hedgehog, but a hat.

Veterinarian Janet Kotze told The Independent: "She was an old woman, maybe in her sixties or seventies. She thought we were joking when she found out the truth. It was pretty clear to us that it wasn't a hedgehog, but she was very focused on how to do the right thing."

The Wildlife Hospital wrote in a post on Facebook:

"A kind soul thought he was rescuing a baby hedgehog and it warmed our hearts, but we discovered it was a fluffy puff of a hat. Please remember, if you see a hedgehog during the day, it's a sign that something is wrong. Put them in a warm box and ask your vets for help. Let's keep our prickly friends safe"