The cat, named Daisy, ran away from home shortly after she and her owner Sian Sexton moved to the town of Caerphilly in the Dorset region in the south of the country in 2012.

Sexton, who reported her cat missing when she did not return home, received a call from a veterinarian in Caerphilly 11 years later.

The veterinarian told her that a stray cat with a microchip had been brought to her by local residents.

Thus, Sexton was reunited with her cat who had been missing for 11 years.

It was stated that the cat had been living as a stray in Caerphilly during this period.

Sexton, who was reunited with her cat, expressed her happiness for reuniting with her 17-year-old cat and said, "I don't want her to get lost again. She survived all this time and now she has finally returned to us in her last days. I hope she can spend the rest of her days with us."