Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series adapted from the fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling, died last year at the age of 82.


The will of the Irish actor with the title "Sir" was revealed on Tuesday, March 5.In a three-page document obtained by the Daily Mail, it was revealed that Gambon left nothing to his longtime girlfriend Philipa Hart.

1-165Philipa Hart, a set designer, met Michael Gambon in 2000 during the filming of "Longitude" and the couple had two children, Tom (17) and William (15).

It is known that the famous name divided his time between his wife Anne Miller and his longtime girlfriend Hart for 20 years.Michael Gambon prepared his will in 2016, naming his wife Anne Miller and their 60-year-old son Fergus as executors of the document.

2-134He had made arrangements for his son Fergus to inherit his entire fortune of 1 million 465 thousand 882 pounds sterling (approximately 59.5 million TL) if his wife died before him.

According to the will, Gambon's children with Hart received £10,000 each (approximately TL 406,000) and a prize. Both were left the silver heart-shaped stage actor award of the Variety Club of Great Britain.

3-119It was understood that the famous actor's lover Hart was left nothing from the will. It was also revealed that the amount left by the famous actor in his will did not include assets purchased before his death and belonging to family members.


The "Sir" actor, who has appeared in six of the eight Harry Potter films, has appeared in many films, series and theater plays throughout his 50-year career.The actor has 4 BAFTA awards.

The actor joined the Harry Potter series in the third movie. Richard Harris played the character of Dumbledore in the first two films.