Speaking at the daily press conference at the National Palace, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that the United States claims to be a human rights defender in the world, but intervenes "harshly" against students and journalists demonstrating at universities.

Referring to the ongoing protests at universities in the US, Obrador said, "If you judge human rights in the world, then you need to be more courageous. Have you seen what happens to students who organize protests at universities? Have you seen how they are treated? The same with journalists...It is a very grave situation."


Stating that the US is also acting hypocritically on monetary issues, Obrador said, "Washington allocates billions of dollars to Israel or Ukraine instead of fighting the growing migration crisis in the region."

Italy is flooded! At least 15 people lost their lives Italy is flooded! At least 15 people lost their lives

Emphasizing their desire to change Mexico's current foreign policy, Obrador asked the US to respect the sovereignty of his country.