According to the statements of local officials, 25 people were killed and 20 people were wounded in an attack by Ukraine on the city of Donetsk, which was annexed by Russia.

As Russia and Ukraine continue their mutual attacks, the number of civilian casualties is increasing. Ukraine attacked the city of Donetsk, annexed by Russia, today. The casualties are increasing. Denis Pushilin, the so-called leader of Donetsk appointed by Russia, announced that 25 people lost their lives and 20 people were injured in the attack.

In his previous statement, Pushilin said, "13 people were killed and 10 were injured after Ukrainian forces bombed a market in the Russian-controlled suburb of Tekstilshchik in Donetsk." After the attack, Pushilin stated that the teams conducted investigations at the scene and said that the parts of the weapons used in the attack were collected.