Billionaire Mark Cuban says he is happy to pay his fair share of taxes, unlike former presidents.

"I'm paying what I owe. Tomorrow I'll wire $288,000,000.00 to the IRS," Cuban wrote on X on Sunday.

In what appears to be a jab at former President Donald Trump, Cuban added, "This country has done so much for me that I am proud to pay my taxes every year. Tag a former president you know he didn't do it," Cuban wrote.

This is not Cuban's first blow at Trump. Last month, Cuban told Axios that he would vote for President Joe Biden over Trump "any day, every day."

"I don't want a snake oil salesman as president," Cuban said of Trump. "Trump voters are happy with snake oil whether it works or not," he told Axios. All things said, Trump was not Cuba's biggest fan either.

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"I know Mark Cuban well. He gave me great support, but I wasn't interested in answering all his phone calls. He's not smart enough to run for president!" Trump said of Cuba in February 2017.

Cuban said he had nothing more to add when BI reached out for comment.

Trump has been evasive when it comes to talking about his tax returns. When he was first elected in 2016, Trump claimed that he was under audit and would release his tax returns when they were completed.

However, the former president did not release his tax returns until 2022, long after he left office.

Some of Trump's past tax returns have also been obtained by media outlets such as The New York Times. In 2020, The Times reported that it had obtained more than two decades of tax returns for Trump and his businesses.

According to The Times, Trump did not pay any federal income taxes for 10 years. The former president paid $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017.

Trump's finances have come under intense scrutiny, especially as his legal debts continue to pile up.

On April 1, Trump issued a $175 million bond for his civil fraud case in New York after an appeals court cut the amount he was required to pay. Trump had originally been ordered to pay a $454 million bond.

In addition to the civil fraud case, Trump also owes $83.3 million in defamation damages to author E. Jean Carroll. Last year, a jury found that he had sexually harassed Carroll.

Trump experienced a brief turnaround in his fortunes last month as shares in his social media company Trump Media & Technology Group skyrocketed after going public. Trump's net worth increased by more than $4 billion when Trump Media's stock rebounded, according to Bloomberg.

But Trump Media's stock prices have since fallen. Trump was also removed from Forbes' list of the 500 richest people in the world after the stock plunge. Trump's representatives did not immediately respond to BI's request for comment, which was sent outside normal business hours.