Kanye West accused of sexual harassment Kanye West accused of sexual harassment

 In a manner similar to "Hrs And Hrs," "Made For Me" is a musical composition that is dedicated to a partner who provides the ideal form of love to their companion. The song has been further enhanced by the addition of a new remix featuring the legendary Mariah Carey.

The new track commences with Carey's distinctive high-pitched whistle, after which Muni Long assumes the role of the original first verse and chorus. Carey then reappears for the second verse, which matches the energy and direction of the original version of the song. Together, Muni Long and Mariah Carey are evidently in a state of romantic love, which is a pleasant and agreeable phenomenon to observe.

The remix is released as Carey is approximately one month removed from concluding the initial phase of her Mariah Carey: The Celebration Of Mimi Live In Las Vegas residency at Park MGM’s Dolby Live. In addition, Long was among the performers who took the stage at Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman Festival earlier this month.

The video above features Mariah Carey’s remix of Muni Long’s “Made For Me.”

Editor: David Goodman