Tyler Robertson, a 22-year-old young man in England, was found dead after being discharged from the mental health center where he was being treated. 

Mother Nicola Robertson, who said that her son was constantly having suicidal thoughts and that she was aware that his mental health was not good, blamed the health center from which he was discharged. 

Robertson said, "You don't expect to lose your child. If he had gotten the right help, I think he would be among us now, alive. There are thousands of sick people out there because they didn't get the right help. He says it will get easier over time, but it won't." 

Following the suicide, mental health experts said in a statement: "When patients with ongoing serious health problems are discharged prematurely, such tragedies are inevitable. If we don't follow them closely and support them in their social integration and socialization, we will lose them. These patients are the most vulnerable people in our society and we should consider them very carefully when making a decision and writing a report about them." 

In the past, the premature discharge of Valdo Calocane, a patient diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia", led to the deaths of three people in a knife attack.