The allegations against Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate, who were recently detained in Romania on a UK arrest warrant, do not end. It was revealed how the duo influenced young men through their social media posts.

Teachers revealed that young men were brainwashed by Tate and turned into homophobic sexists who abused their own mothers.

Tate, whose aggressive behavior has made headlines on social media, was accused in Romania in June of forming a criminal gang with his brother and two women for human trafficking, rape and sexual exploitation of women. 

Tate, 37, could be extradited to the UK for alleged sexual offenses committed between 2012 and 2015.

Teachers from across Britain have also accused Tate of encouraging young boys to neglect education and to hold derogatory ideas about women and homosexuals.

One teacher said she dealt with a lot of young boys who were influenced by Tate's videos: "Because of this their attitudes towards women are terrible and there is a lot of homophobia. They become obsessed with the gym and believe they can succeed without school."

The teacher also said that men are even starting to abuse their mothers because they get jobs: "This is actually brainwashing. When we talk to them, most of the time they don't care."

In various clips, Tate says that women belong in the home, shouldn't drive, and are the property of men. 


The social media phenomenon was also kicked out of the Big Brother house in 2016 for a video showing him hitting a woman with a belt. Both Tate and the woman in the video denied that any abuse had occurred and said the clips showed a consensual sexual relationship.

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In another video, he describes how he was investigated by police for allegedly groping a woman, which he also denies.

In 2017, as the #MeToo movement took center stage around the world, Tate told her followers that rape victims should bear some responsibility. That same year, she moved to Romania with her 35-year-old brother Tristan.


In April 2022, the brothers' Romanian mansion was raided by police following a tip from the US Embassy that a 21-year-old American woman was being held there against her will. The duo were arrested on charges of rape, human trafficking and criminal conspiracy, allegations they still deny.

Their representative said: "The Tate brothers are horrified and deeply disturbed by the startling resurgence of decade-old allegations. They deny all charges and express their deep disappointment that such serious allegations have been reinstated without significant new evidence."


Tate's notoriety has been linked to the proliferation of British teenagers using the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok.

Teachers in schools across the country say that Tate's rhetoric has led children to hold misogynistic and homophobic views.

A 27-year-old female teacher said: "I had a student who quoted Andrew Tate to me. The student said they would commit crimes because it was a faster way to make money. When I objected, he asked me what color my 'Bugatti' was and said he would take his wife's money as his own no matter what he did.

I told him this was unacceptable and talked to him about it at the end of the lesson. This student was much more willing to listen when he was alone."


The female teacher added the following: "Sometimes they are just trying to be funny. They respect male teachers, but they have to earn the respect of female teachers. Most of the time I don't think they realize that, they are children."

According to the Daily Mail, the problems got so bad that the teacher's last school even organized a training session on Andrew Tate.

Teachers were shown clips of the alleged human trafficker and taught how to approach children who echoed Tate's views

However, he said that children often wrote in forums about Tate and his views, and that some online chat rooms even focused specifically on children challenging their teachers.


Another 26-year-old female teacher said: "In the morning they were so misogynistic that I wanted to move to a different class group. There is such a culture in the classroom. They said things like 'Don't you think you should be at home?' and 'It would be better if we had a stronger, male teacher'."
He also pointed out that there were students who behaved well only in classes taught by a male teacher.

While the cult of Andrew Tate has influenced many young people to hold toxic views, not all children agree with it.

One gay male teacher said: "The vast majority see him for what he is: He's pretty bad and unlikable.I don't think he's the root cause of that - the issues he brings to the surface have been there for a long time."

But Tate's emergence online has encouraged schools to do something more actively about issues such as misogyny and homophobia, he said.

Editor: David Goodman