Madonna was treated in intensive care for a serious bacterial infection shortly before her "Celebration" tour, which started on July 15.

The star, who started her world tour in London after her treatment, continues to meet music lovers. Madonna, who made a name for herself with her live performances and stage shows, drew the reaction of her fans for being late on stage.


Two New York concertgoers sued the singer. Speaking about the 65-year-old singer's lawsuit, his representatives said: "The concert at Barclays started as planned, only on December 13 there was a technical malfunction with the sound. This problem caused a delay and was reported in the press. We will oppose this lawsuit."


Although Madonna did not make an official statement on the issue, the singer's saying "A queen is never late" during the concert was described as a reference to the lawsuit.


Two concertgoers, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, sued the singer, claiming that Madonna did not stick to the promised concert start time.

On December 13, fans who attended the concert at the Barclays Center in New York City said that the concert started at 22:30 when it was supposed to start at 20:30. The late start and late end of the concert left concert-goers in a difficult situation as it reduced public transportation options.

A similar situation happened in 2016. Madonna, who went on the Rebel Heart Tour, was criticized for starting her concerts two hours late.