Hamas offers to extend the ceasefire Hamas offers to extend the ceasefire

Ahead of the EU Leaders' Summit to be held in Brussels on October 26-27, Meloni addressed the Senate, the upper house of parliament, this morning on the issues on the summit agenda and the Italian government's approach to these issues.

Starting his speech by referring to the developments in the Middle East, Meloni said that a structural solution is needed and that this solution is a solution based on two peoples and two states.

"The aim of Hamas is not to defend Palestine but to provoke a wider conflict," Meloni argued, adding, "Everyone on the right side must know how to work together to prevent escalation. Italy is a bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean to prevent us from falling into the trap of a clash of civilizations with unimaginable consequences."

"I chose to be the only one of the G7 countries to attend as a leader. At this stage, I think it is vital to establish a dialogue with Arab and Muslim countries," Prime Minister Meloni said, noting that he had specifically attended the Cairo Peace Summit in Egypt on October 21.

Referring to the destruction of places of worship during the Israeli attacks, Meloni said, "As a government, we call on Israel to 'protect the places of worship in the Gaza Strip, starting with the Christian ones."

"Irregular migration and the war in Ukraine"
Stating that the crisis in the Middle East is one of the issues to be discussed at the EU Leaders' Summit in terms of the problem of illegal migration and related security risks, Meloni said, "All European borders are exposed to unprecedented migration pressure, especially due to a belt of instability stretching from the Atlantic to the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean."

Meloni said there could be a link between irregular migration and terrorism.

Referring to the temporary suspension of the Schengen Agreement at the borders with Slovenia and the activation of border controls, Meloni said: "Intelligence confirms that the biggest risk for us could come from the Balkan route. This is what prompted the government to take action by suspending Schengen."

Meloni said that the migration agreement signed in July with the EU under the leadership of Italy should be put into practice, adding that they do not approach Tunisia from a superior point of view, they see them as equals, which is why Italy is viewed differently from Africa.

Emphasizing that a just peace in Ukraine is in line with national interests and that Ukraine should have a future in a peaceful, prosperous Europe, Meloni said:

"On food security, we continue to condemn Moscow's decision not to renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative and support all efforts to ensure that agricultural products reach international markets. (Russia's decision) Because this choice affects especially the most vulnerable countries. This is a war against the poor."