Karlee Ozkurt, 20, from Wisconsin, USA, discovered her addiction to electronic cigarettes when she was in her early teens. The 20-year-old young woman vaped for five years.

"I'm worried I won't make it past 40," Karlee said, adding that starting vaping was the worst decision she ever made and remains her biggest regret in life. When her lung collapsed for the first time at work in November 2021, the young woman waited two days to go to the hospital, thinking she was experiencing muscle spasms in her back. 

"The first time, my lung had to be re-expanded with a needle and syringe, but in November 2022, after the lung collapsed again, I had to undergo surgery to reattach it to the chest wall," Karlee said. 

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Karlee warns people not to let more people continue to keep vaping as an addiction in their lives.