It was stated that the wreckage of the ship was accidentally found at the bottom of the ocean by a company searching for its lost cargo.

The SS Nemesis and its 32 crew members had set sail from Newcastle in the United Kingdom on July 9, 1904, loaded with coal.

1261111 162991165One of the drawings of the Nemesis before it sank

Ammunition obtained from Iran sent to Ukraine Ammunition obtained from Iran sent to Ukraine

The 73-meter-long ship's destination was Melbourne, but the SS Nemesis was lost during the voyage. The ship was last seen struggling with the waves off the town of Wollongong, south of Sydney.

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In the weeks that followed, the bodies of some of the Australian, British and Canadian crew members were washed ashore, along with pieces of the ship's wreckage.

Despite intense public interest at the time, the wreckage of the SS Nemesis could not be reached. However, in 2022, a company searching for lost cargo containers off the coast of Sydney came across the wreckage of the ship at the bottom of the ocean.

G H L Mcwgaw A A9Y4PIt was recorded that the SS Nemesis was found 26 kilometers from the shore and 160 meters deep.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) confirmed that the wreckage belonged to the SS Nemesis by comparing old photographs and drawings of the badly damaged ship with photographs taken underwater.

Ld B Z X N R7Ed Korber, managing director of the company that made the discovery, said, "Finding this wreck is certainly a great honor. At last an end can be offered to the families of the missing crew."