Lindsay Lohan, who rose to fame as a child star and became one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood with the 2004 film "Mean Girls", had been treated in rehabilitation centers several times in the past due to alcohol abuse.

Lindsay Lohan, who took a break from acting for a long time and married Bader Shammas in 2022, spoke about her departure from Hollywood in an interview with Bustle.

"I feel like some of the work I did when I was younger was overshadowed by paparazzi and stuff like that, and it's kind of annoying. I wish that part wasn't there," she said.

"I feel like this is getting out of hand, that's why I wanted to disappear. I was like, 'Unless there's a story here, they're just not going to focus on my work,'" he continued.


Explaining that she also wanted to leave because she was looking for love, Lindsay Lohan said, "I was like, 'What if I never fall in love? What if this never happens?' And when all those doors opened and the 'yeses' came, it was enough for me to take time for myself for the things I wanted to say 'yes'."


On the other hand, Lohan, who announced her marriage to Bader Shammas in 2022, was happy to become a mother for the first time in 2023. The famous actress named her son "Luai", whom she gave birth to in Dubai.