Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) fatally shot Malinowski during a March 19 predawn raid of his Little Rock home.

ATF agents were attempting to execute a search warrant on Malinowski, who was the executive director of Clinton National Airport, when the shooting happened.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin recently called on the ATF to release the body camera video footage of the incident.

“We want the truth,” Duffield said. “We want the body cam footage. His family deserves to see it. The people of Arkansas deserve to see it. We must learn what happened.”

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According to Wednesday’s news release, Malinowski’s family and the lawmakers “want to know if ATF agents knocked on the front door, whether they identified themselves, and whether they waited a sufficient amount of time after arriving before breaking down the door.”

More than 20 members of the Arkansas legislature are expected to join Duffield, Senator Mark Johnson, and Rep. Marcus Richmond for a news conference on Thursday, April 18, 15 minutes after both chambers adjourn.