In a crowded shopping center near Bondi Beach, a person injured multiple people with a knife.

According to two eyewitnesses, gunshots were heard. Police said one person was shot.

New South Wales state police said the operation was ongoing.

Attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia: Shot in the stomach! Attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia: Shot in the stomach!

NSW Police Chief Karen Webb stated at a press conference that 5 people died at the scene of the attack and one person died in the hospital where he was taken injured.

Webb stated that there are 8 people still being treated in hospitals in Sydney and that a 9-month-old baby has been taken into surgery.

Stating that the shopping center will be closed for a while as the scene of the incident, Webb said that they think the attacker is in his 40s and that his identity has not yet been officially determined.

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Videos shared on social media showed crowds fleeing the shopping center and police cars and emergency services arriving in the area.

Police in Australia have confirmed that the death toll from a knife attack at a shopping mall has risen to 7, including the attacker.

Local media outlets broadcasting from the region reported that heavily armed police officers arrived at the scene and people fled from the shopping center. It was stated that there were dead and wounded in the incident.