When he unboxed the products on live stream and showed how big the products were for him, Kanye, Kai Cenat got angry. The Vultures hitmaker called her out in Instagram DMs and then shared a screenshot of their message on her Instagram story.

Ye wrote the following: "Don't joke about my clothes while saying nothing about what Adidas did. You didn't steal my word when the song 'Vultures' came out. You controlled it. Don't play with me."

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Cenat found out about Ye's messages during her live broadcast and seemed shocked by the rapper's rude messages. "What did I do?" she couldn't help but ask. She also shared the Carnival hitmaker's DMs on her X account, receiving a huge backlash from her fans.

The "Publisher of the Year" award winner then got into a lengthy DM battle with the Yeezy mogul, with Ye telling him, "You were told to diss my s####. You're a pawn."