British Defense Minister Shapps said in a statement yesterday, "The agreement has been signed. The UK will lead the development of one of the most advanced fighter jets in history. Working with our Italian and Japanese allies, we will build the supersonic stealth fighter we need to tackle the threats of a more dangerous age."

Clipper will go to Jupiter's Europa moon! Clipper will go to Jupiter's Europa moon!

Emphasizing that the deal, which is an important stage of the Global Combat Air Program run by the UK Ministry of Defence, will provide 3 thousand jobs in the UK, Minister Shapps said, "These new jets will take the UK to the cutting edge of air warfare and give us the power to fight and win against future enemies."


It was also emphasized that the supersonic stealth jet is expected to be operational in 2035 and will have a powerful radar that can provide 10 thousand times more data than existing systems. In the statement, it was stated that the program together with the aircraft shows the UK's determination to ensure security in the Indo-Pacific Region.