The lost guitar of John Lennon, one of the members of the world-famous British music band, was found in an attic. Shot dead in 1980, the musician's guitar, which has been missing for 50 years, is up for auction. According to The Guardian, George Harrison also played the guitar.

The Hootenanny acoustic guitar, which Lennon used in 1965 on the "Help!" and "Rubber Soul" albums, is expected to fetch 800 thousand dollars. 

Lennon also used this guitar in the song "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" in the movie Help!


Described as "one of the most historically important Beatles guitars in rock history", the guitar will be sold in New York. The auction will be held on May 29th and 30th. Darren Julien, co-founder and managing director of Julien's Auctions, said:

"Finding this extraordinary instrument is like finding a lost Rembrandt or Picasso."


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On the other hand, the original Höfner bass guitar of Paul McCartney, a member of The Beatles, was discovered. A student named Ruaidhri Guest made the news by sharing a photo of the missing Höfner bass guitar on social media. Ruaidhri Guest said that he inherited the original Höfner bass guitar and stated that the guitar was delivered to its owner.

McCartney's website said, "As a result of the search that began last year, Paul's 1961 Höfner 500/1 bass guitar, stolen in 1972, has been recovered. The guitar has been inspected and approved by Höfner. Paul is grateful to everyone who participated in the search campaign."

The guitar was last seen when The Beatles were recording their last album, Let It Be. Paul McCartney's Höfner bass guitar, which was worth £30 in 1961, is estimated to be worth about £800 today.