Mike Pence withdraws as candidate Mike Pence withdraws as candidate

It has been revealed that the US policy on Israel-Palestine has caused a crisis within the US administration. Speaking to the Huffington Post, State Department officials stated that the US policy of full support for Israel has caused disagreement within the organization. It was noted that some State Department employees were preparing to voice their objections to Biden's policies, staff morale was very low and some were considering resignation.

According to the news in Sözcü, sources said that Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other senior officials are closely following the growing discontent within the organization. According to the report, ministry employees, especially specialists, are unhappy that their views are being ignored and that the US administration is supporting Israel in its plans to escalate attacks on Gaza.

Resigning official: many colleagues supported me
A State Department official told the Huffington Post that the crisis continues at all levels of the ministry and that some diplomats will share their objections through official channels.

This week, Josh Paul, the director general of the US State Department's "arms procurement to allies and partners" unit, announced his resignation, saying he could no longer support the US administration's pro-Israel stance. In a letter posted on LinkedIn, Paul stated that the transfer of lethal weapons from the US to Israel had overstepped its boundaries and said, "We cannot be anti-occupation and support the occupation."

Paul told the Huffington Post that after his resignation, many of his colleagues reached out to him to offer their support and say they had the same thoughts.

It happened during the Vietnam War
The newspaper reported that formal objections within the State Department have been used in the past during crises within the US, such as the Vietnam War, and that officials have been able to criticize dangerous US decisions in this way.

Responding to the newspaper's request for comment, Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesperson, said that the department encourages dissent within the organization and that Secretary Blinken takes dissenting opinions into account.

Foreign Ministry sources, on the other hand, emphasized that the US support for Israel has been widely criticized by Arab diplomats and could cause the US to lose support in the region.