Veteran actress and director Jodie Foster has spoken out about Generation Z and young actors. Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, the 61-year-old American star described young people as "annoying" and shared her advice for the rising generation of talent in the movie industry.

"They're really frustrating, especially in the workplace," Foster said:

"They're like: 'No, I don't feel like doing that today, I'll come in at 10:30 in the morning.' Or in emails I tell them: 'This is all spelling wrong, didn't you check it?' And they say to me: 'Why would I do that, isn't that kind of limiting?

In her interview, Foster said that she reached out to young actors "because she had a hard time growing up" and she didn't want them to go through the same thing.


"They need to learn how to relax, how not to think so much, how to bring out something of themselves," Foster said about people who are new to the movie business.

"I can help them find that, which is a lot more fun than being the hero of the story with all the pressure behind it," she added.