It shows the fight that started when Jim and two others reached the bottom of the escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. It's unclear what started the confrontation, but it's escalating quickly.

As JJ punches two people, it looks as if they are landing on an elderly man's leg and it is clear that the man is in a lot of pain as he hits the ground at the bottom of the escalator.

A woman rushes to close the escalator but the fight continues despite protests from others who want to get away from the scene of the violence.

Eventually, a couple of officers broke up the fight. Jim pretty quickly lets go of the man who appears to be BTW gushing blood. "It's the two of them against me," he protests, shouting, but he lets the deputy take him away and put him in a chair.

One of the other men isn't so calm... he tries to break free from the deputy's grasp, but more cops arrive on the scene and prevent him from going any further. Speaking to TMZ Hip Hop, we reached out to Jim. 

"I was minding my business and I defended myself. They got what they were looking for."

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It's unclear if anyone has been arrested. We've reached out to local police, so far we haven't heard back.