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Actor Jeremy Renner had an accident while shoveling snow in front of his house on January 1, 2023 and was seriously injured. The famous name, who was hit by a snow plow and hospitalized by helicopter, was treated in the hospital for a long time.

The famous actor's nephew's truck was stuck in the snow. After pulling the truck into the street, Jeremy Renner saw the snow plow starting to slide towards his nephew.

Jeremy Renner spoke to CNN 10 months after the accident. The actor spoke about the healing process and how his life has changed.

"I'm grateful to be alive and I feel very lucky. I feel like your time is more valuable now," the famous actor said.

Jeremy Renner got out of the running snow plow and plunged into the snow and was crushed by the vehicle. His doctor neighbor gave first aid to Renner, who lost a lot of blood and his leg was seriously injured.

The famous actor, who regained his mobility, said, "Patience, strength... It's all a mental game. I put it in my back pocket now, I know how to deal with pain, it's all in the mind. Everything is in the mind. If you can go through all this fog, I am very lucky."

Jeremy Renner said he had broken more than 30 bones. Jeremy Renner, who published a photo taken while he was undergoing physical therapy at home, stated that the priorities of himself and his whole family suddenly changed with the accident and thanked his loved ones who sent their well wishes.

According to statements made by the actor's relatives, Renner has at least 2 years to recover.

Jeremy Renner attended the premiere of the series "Rennervations" in April.

Renner, who attended the premiere of "Rennervations" with his family, took a walk and then got on a motorized scooter to talk to the press.

Jeremy Renner was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor for his role in the 2008 film 'The Hurt Locker' and for best supporting actor for his role in the 2010 film 'The Town'.

Jeremy Renner played William Brandt in the 'Mission Impossible' series.

Editor: David Goodman