Hermoso said the "kiss" was against her will and that Luis Rubiales pressured her to downplay the incident.

Spanish soccer player Jenni Hermoso, who was kissed on the lips by former Royal Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales during the Women's World Cup final, appeared in court to testify in the sexual assault case against Rubiales.

Hermoso appeared in a Madrid courtroom on Tuesday to testify about being kissed by Rubiales after Spain's victory over England in the final in Sydney in August. 

"The judicial process will continue and I thank you for the support that many of you have given me," Hermoso told reporters as he left the courtroom, adding that "everything is going well."

The incident sparked outrage in the soccer world and one of the biggest crises in Spanish sports history. 

World Cup winners boycotted the national team and Rubiales eventually resigned, despite denying wrongdoing and insisting the kiss was consensual. 

In court, Hermoso was expected to repeat her claims that the "kiss on the lips" was not consensual and that Rubiales and his team pressured her and her family to downplay the incident.

Hermoso gave his testimony closed to the press. Spanish media reported that Hermoso asked the court to keep his testimony as secret as possible.

Spanish prosecutors accused Luis Rubiales of sexual assault and coercion, claiming that Rubiales tried to persuade Hermoso and her relatives not to publicize the kiss.

The judge will hear testimony from other World Cup winners, coaches and federation officials before deciding whether to press charges.