The controversial social media star was at the 35th annual GLAAD Awards and while walking the red carpet, he was asked about the potential TikTok ban that had just passed the House of Representatives.

Charles didn't mince words... He goes on a profanity-laden tirade that is currently sweeping social media as he laments the many problems facing the US, and makes it clear that TikTok is not one of them.

JC points out that the TikTok bill is relatively new on the debate table... whereas many other bills have languished in the executive branch for years.

If nothing else, James says, it should show people that Congress can actually get things done, but only when it's something that will actually benefit them.

Charles says that's exactly why people are going out and voting. It's especially important given that it's an election year, he says.

As we reported, the bill calls on TikTok's parent company ByteDance to sell the social media platform or lose access to the American market - and it passed in a rare bipartisan landslide and moved to the Senate. 352 votes to 65.

Anyway, Charles' reaction to the passage of the bill is generating some buzz on the internet... and while most people recognize that he was right, many are reluctantly congratulating him... often making it clear that they are not big fans of his.