Biden's son agrees to testify on one condition Biden's son agrees to testify on one condition

The two, on opposite ends of the political spectrum, were among 16 members of Congress who called on US President Joe Biden to stop seeking Assange's extradition and drop the charges.

The 16 members of Congress argue that continuing to pursue Assange's extradition would sour bilateral relations between the US and Australia.

The letter, published in 9 different newspapers, told Biden, "It is a journalist's duty to seek sources and document evidence to inform the public about the activities of the administration."

"The United States should not launch an unnecessary investigation that risks criminalizing common journalistic practices and thereby impeding the work of a free press. We urge you to ensure that this case is closed as soon as possible."

Assange, who is being held in Belmarsh Prison in London, is fighting a legal battle to avoid extradition to the US. If extradited to the US, Assange will be tried under the Espionage Act.