Hamas: 'There will be no prisoner swap with Israel' Hamas: 'There will be no prisoner swap with Israel'

Meloni participated in the "Cairo Peace Summit" organized in Egypt with the participation of heads of state and government, where the developments in Gaza were discussed, and held bilateral meetings.

"The need to support urgent and coordinated diplomatic action aimed at containing the ongoing serious conflict in the Middle East and its expansion was emphasized," the Italian Prime Minister's Office said in a statement on Meloni's meeting with al-Sisi.

Prime Minister Meloni noted that the meeting in Cairo was also an opportunity to explore the urgent humanitarian needs in Gaza.

"Italy and Egypt will continue to work in the coming weeks in a spirit of strengthened cooperation," the statement added.

"On the sidelines of the summit in Cairo, Prime Minister Meloni also had a long and cordial meeting with Palestinian President Abbas," the statement said, adding, "The meeting confirmed Italy's support for the legitimate authority representing the Palestinian people, which in no way identifies itself with Hamas. The support for the two-state perspective was also reiterated."