The US Aeronautics and Space Agency's (NASA) spacecraft Osiris-Rex has halted research on the asteroid Bennu after an unidentified black powder was found in the capsule containing rubble samples from the asteroid.

According to the Daily Mail, scientists started to investigate the asteroid samples brought by the Osiris-Rex spacecraft returning to Earth.

In the news report, it was noted that NASA had to stop the research after detecting black colored unidentified dust in the interior of the capsule containing the samples from Bennu.

The dust will be analyzed to determine whether it is a substance from the asteroid, and research is expected to continue after the analysis.

It is stated that the samples will help scientists better understand how the Earth and life formed.

On September 24, Osiris-Rex released its sample capsule from a distance of 100,000 kilometers, and the capsule landed in the Utah Desert with a parachute 4 hours later. The samples were taken to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston for examination.