Russian attack on Ukraine's Dnipro region killed 8 people! Russian attack on Ukraine's Dnipro region killed 8 people!

Le Parisien newspaper reported that vendors around the Eiffel Tower keep food products in the gaps under manhole covers.

In the news article published with the title "Health Scandal", it was noted that the vendors sprinkled a lot of vanilla sugar on the mixture they prepared for pancakes and pancakes in order to eliminate the sewage smell and bad taste.

It was pointed out that the street delicacies attracting tourists were not prepared under healthy conditions.

Local resident recorded the "health scandal" on camera
It was reported in the news that a resident sent a video to the 7th arrondissement municipality of Paris showing not only pancakes and crepes, but also drinks and meat being prepared without complying with hygiene conditions.

It was also noted that another resident had witnessed many times that vans without refrigeration cabinets regularly delivered food to the area.

It was stated in the news report that the barbecues used to cook street food were extremely dirty and the food was heated many times.

Hygiene rules are ignored
Artisans in the region have announced that they will launch an initiative to prevent street vendors from operating in the region, which both causes unfair competition and disregards hygiene rules.

Franck Delvau, President of the Ile-de-France Professional and Hotel Industry Association, said that these illegal stalls disregard public health.

Delavu called on the authorities to intervene.

Officials of the regional municipality said that they confiscate many products in every police control, but they could not fully cope with the problem.

While the capital Paris has been on the agenda with the "bedbug infestation" since the beginning of October, many countries have increased hygiene controls on travelers and products coming from France.