Getty Images, one of the world's leading photo agencies, announced that the photograph of Queen Elizabeth II with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, taken by Princess Middleton of Wales and published by Kensington Palace last year, has been "digitally enhanced". 

CNN also wrote that it found "traces of alteration" at 19 points in its analysis of the photo. 

The controversy centers on a photograph published in April 2023 showing the Queen, who died the previous September, with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The palace said the photo was taken by Kate at Balmoral Castle in Scotland in the months before the Queen's death, but the corrections have led to confusion over whether the photo was actually stitched together from different shots.

CNN, a leading US broadcaster, published a detailed analysis after Getty Images said the image had been "manipulated". 

Among the inconsistencies in the Balmoral photo are the Queen's skirt, blanket and the sofa she is sitting on.
including misalignment
Here is CNN's assessment of the top part of the photo: 

1- The light on Prince George's right cheek is inconsistent with the way the light falls on the other people in the photo.

2- The pattern on part of Prince George's left arm is inconsistent with the rest of his arm. The strands of hair on Princess Charlotte's right shoulder look cloned.

3- The lighting on the right arm of James Earl of Wessex is incongruous with the overall lighting of the rest of the photograph.

4- The lighting on the right side of Savannah Phillips' head is inconsistent with the lighting direction of the family members around her.

5- A light source shining on the left side of Prince Louis' head is inconsistent with the light source above the children next to him. 

6- The horizontal edge of the piano and the space between the two picture frames appear blurred. 

7- Mia Tindall's hair looks cloned.

8- There appears to be a misalignment in the upholstery of the sofa.

9- The strands of hair on Savannah Phillip's right arm are missing a section and the ends of the strands appear to be floating down.

10- The repeating areas on the sofa appear to be cloned.

11- There appears to be a misalignment on the right side of the Queen's dress.

12- A misalignment appears below the bend of Savannah Phillip's elbow.

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13- The upper right edge of the piano shows vertical lines that appear to be misaligned with the fabric hanging over the piano. 

14- The edge of Prince Louis' shoulder appears blurred and overlaps with the background.

15- The long edge of the piano appears to be duplicated and covers a leaf of the bouquet in the foreground. 

16- The edge of the sofa in front of Prince Louis looks much sharper than the rest of the image in the same focal plane.

17- A broken stitch is visible on the arm of the sofa's upholstery, and the rope detail on the arm of the chair appears blurred and misaligned.

18- There appears to be a hard line and corner on the curved edge of the sofa arm, and there is inconsistent coloration in the background with the surrounding parts of the sofa and carpet.

19- Pieces of a loose cable wrapped around the floor inexplicably disappear in a part of the photo adjacent to the arm of the sofa, where a long brown stain is also visible and not in line with the surrounding furniture.