Hamas-Israel truce agreement extended Hamas-Israel truce agreement extended

Israeli President Herzog met with British Prime Minister Sunak. Herzog asked the British public broadcaster BCC to change its editorial policy and recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.

"We are fighting one of the worst organizations in the world," Herzog said during a meeting in West Jerusalem with Sunak, who arrived in Israel by military plane in the morning and started his official visit.

The Israeli government also said on its X account, "Hey BBCWorld, as of this morning your modern blood libel about the hospital attack is still on the air. We see you and now everyone sees you."

The BBC responded by saying, "Anyone who watches, listens or reads our coverage can see that we have laid out the conflicting claims of both sides about the explosion, clearly showing who said them and what we know and don't know."

Addressing Sunak, Herzog said: "I know that in democracies like yours and ours, you can't interfere. The British people around the world have a special attachment to the BBC. So there should be an outcry for it to be corrected and for Hamas to be identified as a terrorist organization on this platform as well."

Sunak did not respond to the request.