Israel's Chief of Staff: Attacks will continue after the break Israel's Chief of Staff: Attacks will continue after the break

Israeli police intervened against Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews organizing a protest against conscription in front of the recruitment office in occupied Jerusalem.

On social media, the X account of the Torah Judaism user shared a statement and video footage on the issue.

In the images, it is seen that Israeli forces harshly intervened in the protest of the Jews, who drew attention with the black clothes they wore and the lengthening of the sideburns of their hair.

"Anti-Zionist Jews protested against the Zionist army at the entrance of the Israeli Armed Forces recruitment office on Rashi Street in Jerusalem, while Israeli police brutally intervened against the Jews," the post read.

"The Israeli army is the enemy of the Torah and Judaism," the post said, adding, "Israel is not a country of Jews."

In Israel, every male and female citizen who can carry a weapon is obliged to participate in the war. Even Israelis living abroad are not exempt from this obligation. There is a group of religious Jews who are not included in the military service, and this is a subject of constant debate in the country.

Haredim, the vast majority of whom refuse to enlist for religious reasons, make up about 12 percent of Israel's population of around 9 million.