US and Germany to set table between Ukraine and Russia US and Germany to set table between Ukraine and Russia

According to the footage shared by the Israeli army spokesperson's office, Halevi addressed the soldiers of the Israeli army's "Golani Brigade".

In his speech, Halevi said, "We will enter the Gaza Strip. We will undertake an operational mission to eliminate elements affiliated with Hamas. We will also keep in mind the images and scenes of the victims of the attack that took place two weeks ago on Saturday (October 7)."

"Gaza is complicated, Gaza is overcrowded," Halevi said, noting that the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas is preparing for Israel's ground offensive:

"The enemy is making many preparations there, but we are preparing against them. All the capabilities of the Israeli army accompany us in the ground operation. With this in mind, be brave. Be extremely determined and instill in your soldiers a high sense of confidence. This spirit will bring victory."

Israeli officials have been saying for days that they will launch a ground offensive against Gaza, but it is not known when this will happen.