Levy wrote in his column in Haaretz today, "Israeli soldiers are looting the property of Gaza Strip residents after invading their homes."

Levy quoted Yedioth Ahronoth columnist Nahum Barnea quoting a reserve doctor's testimony and continued as follows:

"The reserve doctor: 'Smaller, less disciplined forces looted phones, motorcycles and bicycles. Is that fair? I was really ashamed.'"

Pointing out that an Israeli soldier showed on Israeli television a huge mirror he had stolen from a house in Khan Younis, Levy noted that Israeli soldiers posted images on social media showing them looting much more.

Levy pointed out that this openly expressed looting poses a major problem and that the army faces a great challenge in preventing it.

Pointing out that this situation cannot be explained only by looting and greed, Levy wrote the following:

"Soldiers do not necessarily loot to satisfy their physical needs, nor are they necessarily motivated by greed. Rather, looting during conflict is an expression of a desire for revenge. Soldiers also carry out a symbolic revenge. For them, confiscating their enemies' property after defeating them symbolizes complete victory."

Emphasizing that he believes looting is a general symbol of revenge, Levy said, "Looting reflects a denial of the enemy's humanity. This makes it acceptable to search their personal property, even their most intimate places, and decide what to take."

Israeli military doctor confessed to looting homes in Gaza!

An Israeli military doctor has said that soldiers are looting and setting fire to homes in the Gaza Strip.

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In a letter to Yediot Ahronot chief analyst Nahum Barnea, the unnamed military doctor wrote that looting in Gaza has become "almost institutionalized."

In the letter, he said that Israeli soldiers looted large quantities of mattresses, gas stoves, vacuum cleaners, motorcycles and bicycles from homes in Gaza.

Stating that the looting and burning indicate a lack of discipline in the army, the Israeli doctor used the following expressions:

"The army forces start burning houses intermittently, and the brigade commander says it is not a problem for him.