As India's general elections in June draw to a close, Prime Minister Modi, known for his anti-Islamic stance, shared a post targeting Muslims. In the video he shared shortly before the end of the elections, he used harsh expressions against Muslims.

He accused the opposition of benefiting Muslims

The animated video was accused of showing senior Congress party leaders giving benefits to Muslims at the expense of marginalized castes and tribal people. Opposition leaders reacted to the post.

''Demonizing Muslims''!

Saying the video "demonizes Muslims," opposition leaders filed a lawsuit against senior leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including ruling Prime Minister Modi, over the post. They said the video violated Indian law.

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Not Modi's first incident

This is the second such video the BJP has posted online in the last two weeks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made similar allegations that the opposition is favoring the Muslim minority over other communal groups at election rallies.