On social media platforms, especially Twitter, it is frequently shared that the script of the famous animated series The Simpsons, which started airing in 1989, includes events that take place today. 

Finally, it was claimed that the logo of Thereads, which was opened to users by Meta, was designed based on Homer Simpson's ear drawing in the Simpsons series.

This post was re-shared and circulated by dozens of different accounts.


Anadolu Agency's Verify Line investigated whether the claim was true by watching different episodes of the Simpsons series on different platforms.

It was seen that Homer Simpson's ear drawing was not compatible with the drawing of Threads' logo. However, for copyright reasons, no footage from the show was copied and included in the news report. 

Some channels on Youtube collaged Homer Simpson's scenes from different episodes of the series and served them to their followers. For example, in the video below, it was seen that Simpson's ear drawing was not as claimed.Simpson Karsilastirma

When the Simpsons series was analyzed, it became clear that the claim was not true.
It was seen that Homer Simpson's ear design and the logo of the social media application Threads were not compatible. 

 The claim that the logo of the social media platform Threads was inspired by a character in the Simpsons series does not reflect the truth.