It was claimed that the photo shared on social media showed Lionel Messi and Jeffrey Epstein together and that Messi was involved in Epstein's prostitution network.

The image was created with artificial intelligence!

When we search for the image used in the allegation using reverse image search on the internet, it appears that the image was shared by an X user named Emisario Evo de Metal on January 6 at the earliest. The phrase "Parodia / Fake" in the user's biography suggests that the post is fake.Messi Epstein Gorsel

When we continue our research, we reach different posts stating that the photo showing Messi and Epstein side by side was produced with artificial intelligence. The length of Epstein's arm, the distortions in his fingers and the fact that his facial features are more prominent than normal in the photo also indicate that the photo may have been produced with artificial intelligence.

It is also possible to detect photos and texts produced by artificial intelligence with the help of some digital tools. When we test the image with these tools, we get the answer that it was created by artificial intelligence 96 percent of the time. Hive Moderation, on the other hand, gives the result that the image is 93.9 percent artificial intelligence generated. There are also other AI-generated images showing Messi and Epstein together.

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The names mentioned in the Epstein case were also published by various media organizations. The case file is also available. However, not every name in the case file has been charged or proven guilty yet. For example, former US President Donald Trump's name is in the case file because he is Epstein's former friend. However, Donald Trump has not yet been charged.

Lionel Messi is not among these names at the moment.