With the documents on the subject made public in January 2024, unbelievable suspicious information also circulated. It is seen that many famous names and politicians are also included in the disclosed documents. 

A video shared on social media was also shared, allegedly showing US President Joe Biden, whose name is allegedly on the Epstein list.

The man in the video is not US President Joe Biden!

A search with keywords related to the video reveals that the man in the original video is not US President Joe Biden. The image has appeared on many porn sites.

Execution canceled after failing to find an intravenous line Execution canceled after failing to find an intravenous line

It was claimed that the footage showed a moment of consensual physical pressure and violence, known as BDSM.Biden Iddiasi Orijinali

It is also seen that Joe Biden is not among the names in the Epstein documents released so far. However, it should be noted that the celebrities and political figures mentioned in the documents have not yet faced any official charges and convictions in the Epstein case.

The image quality of the videos used in the allegations is very low. Therefore, it is difficult for social media users to determine that the person in the video is someone else. 

However, it is useful to be sceptical when looking at videos and photos related to Epstein allegations that are on the agenda all over the world.