This suspicious video was perceived as real by social media users.

We analyzed the video posts that received millions of interactions in a short time.

When we search the screenshots we took from the video with a reverse image search, we see that the video appears on YouTube with the title "Crab eating bread".

Based on the information we obtained from the search results, the claim that the crab is actually a boiling pot does not reflect the truth. In the original image, which was created by combining two videos, it is understood that the crab is eating bread with the crab next to it in a different area.Yengec Reddit 1

Another result we reached about the video shared virally on social media is Reddit. Here, too, the crab is seen eating bread not in a pot but on a different surface.

In places like Asian countries where live animal market trade is high, posts about animals being eaten alive or cooked often come to the agenda and bring new criticism. Therefore, in this video, it was inevitable that there were discourses about the crab being cooked live in the pot. Videos that are manipulated and shared on social media through computer manipulation spread very quickly and cause users to perceive them as real. You can help prevent the spread of misinformation by trying to reach the source of such videos before sharing them.


The video of the crab eating bread while it cooks in a pot is not true.
The video was created by combining two different images.
In the original video, the crab is not in the pot.