In the video, soldiers from different ranks in the Russian army were seen standing in line and Putin greeted them one by one. However, the fact that two of the commanders waiting in line extended their hands to Putin instead of giving him a military salute became a hot topic on social media platforms, especially X (formerly Twitter).

Some X users presented this video to their followers with the phrase "Two commanders did not salute Putin when he greeted the senior commanders." One of the posts was viewed by approximately 2 million people. 

In the comments under the content, some users wrote that the soldiers refused to salute, while others stated that this was in accordance with the protocol procedure.


In the research conducted, it was determined that the information on social media did not reflect the truth. 

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It was learned that the fact that some commanders did not give the military salute to Russian President Vladimir Putin was a matter of protocol and was not out of hierarchy. It was learned that it is not obligatory for soldiers to salute if they are wearing berets as per the rules.

General Viktor Panchenkov, Head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Academy, one of the commanders who did not salute Putin, made a statement after the incident was reflected on social media.

Panchenkov said that he acted according to military rules during the ceremony. According to the rules, he stated that if a beret is worn, no head salute will be given.


The head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Academy, General Viktor Panchenkov, has announced that the military salute is not necessary when wearing a beret. 


The claim that two ranking soldiers refused to salute Putin at the official ceremony does not reflect the truth.