Selma Blair apologized! Selma Blair apologized!

In one of these posts, it was claimed that the person dancing in the video was Zelenski.

In the original video, TikTok user Vusal Mehdiev is dancing

According to a reverse image search of the video, the original video was posted on TikTok on October 16, 2020 by a user named "Vusaaal". This user is Vusal Mehdiev, who is dancing in the video.Videoda Dans Eden Kisi Ukrayna Devlet Baskani Zelenski Mi

In other words, Zelensky's face was added to the original video. 

While there are videos of Zelenski dancing, this video is not one of those moments. 

This is not a first for Zelenski. Teyit had previously debunked the claim that it was Zelenski dancing in another video.