The question of whether Diana is alive has come to the agenda again. The 1997 old age photo of Princess Diana, who died in 1997, prepared by artificial intelligence, was published by an account followed by millions of people on social media with the caption "Diana is alive. This photo was taken today", it became an event. A big debate started in the UK on the subject. Reuters went after Diana's photo and announced that it was produced with artificial intelligence.

Photographer Alper Yeşiltaş aged the photo of Princess Diana, who died in a car accident in Paris, taken by British Royal family photographer Tim Rooke while watching a volleyball match during a visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina two years ago using artificial intelligence. Yeşiltaş later shared this photo on his social media account.


The photo was shared after a long time from an account with approximately 14 million followers on X with the note "Lady Diana is alive, this photo was taken today, Wednesday, March 20, 2024". When the photo suddenly appeared on social media all day, the "Diana is alive" debate started in England.


Thousands of comments came under the photo, such as "She is still a doll!", "It's so good to finally see Diana!", "Yes I believe she is still alive". After the incident that made the agenda in England, Reuters went into a deep investigation. After finding out that the original photo of Diana, who is known to have died at the age of 36, was still in their archives, Reuters tried to find out how the aged version of the photo was spread on social media.

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Reuters reached out to Yeşiltaş after discovering that the photo was found on the Instagram account of Turkish photographer Alper Yeşiltaş. Yeşiltaş said that he prepared the photo two years ago with the help of artificial intelligence and uploaded it to his social media account on September 17, 2022, adding, "My aim in creating this work, as in all my works, was to explore the boundaries of art and technology and to evoke reflection on the past, present and future."