The news that US President Joe Biden thinks that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to extend human life and even make immortality possible has recently occupied the agenda. This has led to many different interpretations and discussions.

Artificial Intelligence and Immortality:

There are some theories that artificial intelligence could play an important role in extending human lifespan and even enabling immortality. These theories argue that AI can be used to better understand the human body and mind, treat diseases, and slow or reverse the aging process.

Biden's Views:

While Biden's views on AI and immortality are not fully known, there are some signs that he is interested in this topic. For example, in a speech in 2020, Biden said, "Artificial intelligence has the potential to extend human life and perhaps make immortality possible."


Biden's views on AI and immortality have sparked many different interpretations and debates. While some find the idea exciting and promising, others argue that it is ethically and philosophically worrying.

Ethical and Philosophical Issues:

If artificial intelligence makes immortality possible, this will raise many ethical and philosophical questions. For example, will immortality be available to everyone? Or will it be available to a limited number of people? How will immortality affect the world's population and resources?


Artificial intelligence and immortality is a complex issue that needs to be considered from many different angles. Biden's views on this issue have further inflamed the debate in this area. Time will tell what the consequences of artificial intelligence will be for the future of humanity.

Note: This column is for informational purposes only. It should not be characterized as an answer to any ethical or philosophical question.