Chucky, the "devil doll", the leading character of the famous horror series of the 1990s, was 'detained' in Mexico.

Chucky, a doll used by criminals to scare people and with a real knife in his pocket, was taken to the police station with suspects in an operation organized in Mexico. It was noteworthy that the doll, which the police said could be carrying an "evil spirit" just like in the movies, was taken away in handcuffs.

In the incident in Monclova, Coahuila state, police held the doll by its hair and took its mugshots.

Police officials noted that the criminal named Carlos held Chucky in people's faces and scared them.

On the other hand, the footage sparked reactions in the country that "the police do not take their job seriously".

Juan Raúl Alcocer, the city's former police chief, said, "Journalists asked the police to pose with the baby and put handcuffs on him, and he did. The police should take their job more seriously, not play with babies."