92-year-old Rupert Murdoch, the world's most famous media mogul, announced the previous day that he was handing over his 70-year media empire to his son.

While Murdoch's resignation news resonated around the world, an interesting detail was pointed out in the news in BBC Turkish.

In the news, it was reminded that the series Succession was inspired by the Murdoch family and it was pointed out that Murdoch resigned from his duties and left the empire to his son 4 months after the final episode of the series was broadcast.

Australian media giant Rupert Murdoch announced that he has resigned as chairman of Fox News and News Corp and that his son Lachlan will head both companies.

Jesse Armstrong, the British writer of Succession, admitted the truth at the Edinburgh Television Festival last month and said that the Murdoch family was the inspiration for the series.

Succession, a series by the American television giant HBO, was about the family drama and intrigue of a media mogul father and the struggle between siblings over who should succeed him.

Armstrong has said that he changed the characters substantially and drew inspiration from other great families, led by the likes of Sumner Redstone and Robert Maxwell.

But according to BBC entertainment correspondent Ian Youngs, the similarities between the characters in Succession and the Murdoch family are hard to miss.

"He raised his sons to run the company"

Andrew Neil, former editor of the Sunday Times, says Murdoch groomed his two sons to take over the business.

Neil says he was having dinner with Murdoch on a Saturday night in the mid-1980s when the Sunday Times went to press and Lachlan and James, then two teenagers, were present:

"The conversation was about how he had built the company for them. He pitted the brothers against each other to see if they could survive. He wanted at least one of his children to take his place."

According to Neil, Elisabeth was not involved in the war for the throne at the time.

"He didn't really think that women were capable of that kind of work," Neil says, adding that Murdoch's opinion must have changed over time.

Elisabeth said in 2012 that she had no intention of taking over her father's business.

Elisabeth was then a director at Sky Networks, partly owned by News Corp.

In 2000, she founded her own business, Shine.

This was also bought by News Corp in 2011.

Disgusted by Fox's reporting

For many years it was thought that James would take over.

For many years, James had held senior positions in different companies of his father's empire.

In 2019, however, he resigned from the News Corp board, citing "editorial differences".

In subsequent years, he has been critical of the right-wing ideology of the Fox news channel and his father's media outlets' coverage of the climate crisis.

This paved the way for Lachlan's leadership.

In 1996, Lachlan became the first person to join the board of directors of the family business and worked in different companies of the Murdoch empire, but in 2005 he left the business and returned to Australia.

After nearly 10 years, he returned to become chairman of 21st Century Fox and co-chairman of News Corp with his father.

Will siblings take over the company?

In April, Vanity Fair published a story about family feuds, saying that father Murdoch was overwhelmed by the question of who would succeed him.

According to Gabriel Sherman, the author of the article, Murdoch had a Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest.

According to the article, Lachlan even suspected that his brother James was leaking information to the Succession writers.

Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the Succession series, said that in order to write the script, "it was not necessary to have lunch with the Murdoch family, it was possible to read the whole fight on the pages of magazines".

According to two different sources quoted in Vanity Fair, James and his brothers are preparing to take over from Lachlan after his father leaves.

Will the series be followed by new series?

Succession may have come to an end, but there is talk of new productions based on the different stories from this series.

The same could be true for the Murdoch family.