On Sunday, June 2nd, Mexico will hold one of its most significant national events: the national elections. With over 99 million voters expected to participate, this will be one of the largest electoral processes in history.

While most voters who will elect the new president and over 20,000 national positions reside in Mexico, a substantial number of Mexicans abroad will also take part in this crucial day. Many of these voters are in the United States, where Mexican citizens can exercise their right to vote and participate in this important electoral process.

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The National Electoral Institute (INE) has confirmed that, for the first time in a federal election, ‘in-person voting from abroad’ will be implemented. Raúl Cruz, spokesperson for the INE, stated in an interview with Los Angeles Times that, as of February 25th, when the electoral registration closed, 157,227 people in the United States alone were eligible to vote.

However, the INE reported that in the U.S., Canada, and Spain, a total of 258,461 Mexican migrants will be able to vote in these elections, with 223,961 of them registering on the Nominal List of Electors Abroad.

Editor: Albert Owen