US President Joe Biden spoke about the border security problem, one of the main agenda items in the country, during his election campaign in South Carolina.

Stating that the government will immediately close the US-Mexico border if the border security bill proposed to Congress is approved, Biden said, "A bipartisan bill will be good for America. Congress needs to pass it to help fix our broken immigration system and provide quick access to those who deserve to be here."

Biden said the bill would give him emergency authority as president to close the border until it is under control again, adding, "If this bill were to become law today, I would close the border immediately and fix it quickly." He said he is determined to close the US-Mexico border if the border security bill, which includes a military aid package to Ukraine, passes.

The bill submitted to Congress by the Biden administration authorizes the President to close the border if the number of irregular migrants crossing the border exceeds 5,000 per day.

The bill also requires the approval of a $110 billion emergency aid package, $14 billion of which includes the creation of new patrol forces to ensure border security and the purchase of personnel and equipment to speed up the processing of irregular migrants.
Republicans, who criticize Biden for not protecting the borders, are especially opposed to the military aid to Ukraine in the package.


On the other hand, US Border Patrol officials announced that they detained nearly 250 thousand irregular migrants crossing the border in December, an increase of 31 percent compared to November, and that the number of irregular migrants crossing the border exceeded 10 thousand on some days.It was informed that among the irregular migrants apprehended in December, Mexicans were the majority with 56 thousand, followed by Venezuelan migrants with nearly 47 thousand people.On the other hand, the "barbed wire crisis" between the Biden government and Republican Texas Governor Gregg Abbott continues.The dispute between Texas Governor Abbott and President Joe Biden escalated after the US Supreme Court's decision to remove the barbed wire along the Rio Grande River of the Mexican border from the Texas side.

Despite the court ruling, the Texas National Guard did not allow the US border patrol to do its job on January 23, despite the court ruling, and continued to place barbed wire, and the governors of 25 Republican states announced in a joint statement that they stood by Texas.