Dear readers, today I would like to talk about the American tabloid press. Yes, we are stepping into the world of those colorful, sensational, scandalous pages. America's tabloid press, like addicts at the bottom of a wall, is constantly chasing a craze.

First, let's take a look at this press favorite: the private lives of celebrities!Yes, because the main task of the tabloids is to peek into the lives of celebrities, stalk them, and then write down every detail. It has become an art to scrutinize every aspect of their lives, as if they were not human beings, and then put them in the headlines.

The American tabloid press specializes in spinning a story, half-assing a scandal, and sensationalizing untrue news.

Who cares if the news is true or false!What matters is that the headline is big, the headline is catchy, and the headline is striking enough to compel the reader to click.

Another interesting feature of this type of media is that it glorifies the stars of the tabloids in a godlike way, and then in the next issue, the same stars are vilified. An actor or a singer at the peak of their career will fall in the wake of a scandal, and the tabloid press will gleefully watch them fall.

But it is important to remember that the American tabloid press has become more of an entertainment industry than real journalism. The headlines are more about wild theories, baseless gossip and sometimes even absurd conspiracy theories than real news.

As a result, the American tabloid press is a monster that entertains its readers while at the same time eroding, manipulating and sometimes even destroying the private lives of many people. By shaking and churning the news and making advertising money on scandals, the press has become a profit-driven business, not a true journalistic endeavor. Believe it or not, the American tabloid press is now steering the ship that once sailed under the name of journalism with a huge media rudder.